Thursday, August 2, 2007

Curly Hairstyle

The curly haired woman is often times the envy of most other women. It is the hair that is most sought after for special occasions and events – whether we want light curls or loose curls, tight curls or unkempt curls. And if you do not have it naturally, then you could either resort to the chemical presses for a more permanent curly haired look, or you could try conventional curlers and curling irons more a one-time look.

The curly hair however is one that needs careful care before you can reap the benefits of beautifully healthy curls. A curly haired person needs to understand that combing or brushing is not recommended – you will comb or brush your beautiful curls away! In addition, curly hair needs a lot of moisturizing and sometimes curl activation products. Once you take careful care of your curls, you will get those locks to look just like the celebrities in the movies and magazines.

One of the most important aspects of styling the well-maintained curly head is the length of the hair. The woman with short curly hair is limited with her styling options, and more than anything is faced with the daunting task of trying to tame the wild locks. This does not mean however that one has to live with the unruly pile of curls at the crown of your head. You can try side paths if your hair is long enough to bring it out of your face, or allow only gentle whispers of curls to fall on your face to compliment its features. Clips and hairpins can also be used to pin the hair up in various positions that could be entirely up to you and your personality.

The medium length and longer length curly hairs are much more forgiving to style and cut. Medium length curly hair is easy to tame and has a versatile range of styles that you could choose from for styling. Whether you choose the keep your hair upswept or down loose, the curly hairstyle is one that is easy to maintain and simple to adjust. For an upswept option of the curly hairstyle, you could try piling the hair at the top of the head and allowing the curls to fall freely in any direction. Another curly hairstyle for the medium length hair is to clip up selected pieces of the hair allowing soft tendrils to escape in an unkempt but well maintained look. Both of these options are suitable for the romantic special occasion, but for the more casual look you could simply pull your hair in a tight pony at the crown of your head or let it hang loose as you desire.

The long curly hair can afford a bit more variation than the medium or short curly hairstyles. For a simple but classy look, you could try simply pulling your hair in a loose knot at the back while allowing soft curls to frame the face. You could also try options such as hair pins and other hair accessories to create beautiful variations in hairstyles.

Short Hairstyle

Most people agree that having a good hair day can do much to improve your mood and confidence. Many complain however, that those good hair days are so very rare! Having the right hairstyle can no doubt increase the odds and make life much easier.

A well-cut short hairstyle can draw the eye to your best features and make you feel and act sexy and full of confidence. Add to that the numerous styles one can experiment with, using styling products effectively, and it is obvious why more women opt for short hair. Because it is easy to maintain and work well on different types of hair, short hairstyles have been fashionable the last few decades and will be for decades to come.

Different factors play a role in determining which style would suit you best. Whether you opt for pixie, shaggy, bob, pageboy or any other short style it is important to take the texture of your hair, shape of your face and lifestyle into consideration.

Knowing what type of face you have can make choosing a flattering short hairstyle much easier. By using a photo where you look straight at the camera and cutting out your face, you can quite easily determine the shape.

If you are one of those lucky individuals with an oval face, you can wear anything from pixie to sleek with a center parting. Hair swept back from the face will enhance and bring out your features. Extra heavy bangs that cover your features should be avoided.

A style that is slightly longer than the chin, shaped and softened around the edges, flatters a square face. This gives the illusion of length to your face. Hair should not be cut shorter than, or in line with the chin, as this would make the face appear squarer. Avoid center partings and straight bangs.

For someone with a heart shaped face balance between the forehead and chin is very important. Layered hair shaped along the face near the chin, thick at the bottom and with layered bangs will provide fullness where needed. Straight styles, which cling to the face, would accentuate the narrow jaw line and is not recommended.

To create a slimming effect to a round face some volume at the top is necessary. Layered in a shaggy style at the crown and longer than the chin, will add length to your face. Spiky hair is unfortunately not suitable for a round face.

Although each season brings new variations, the bob is truly a timeless hairstyle. Straight hair with fine to medium texture looks great in a bob. Flattering for oval and heart shaped faces, people with round or square faces should rather think twice.

There are plenty of exciting short hairstyles out there that will suit you. The secret is to find a good stylist who will be honest with you and who can suggest appropriate styles considering the shape of your face, hair type and lifestyle. You should leave the salon with a song in your heart, feeling sexy and filled with confidence. Let your stylist show you techniques to create the salon look at home. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Finding the short hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and personality can go a long way to making all your days good hair days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

On your wedding day, you will be surrounded by family and friends, photographers, and of course the lucky guy! Every woman wants the perfect wedding hairstyle. When you look at your wedding picture ten years from now, you want to think on fond memories and love. You don't want to be thinking, 'Of all days to have a bad hair day!' There are some things you will want to consider when choosing how to wear your hair for your special day.

Face Shape :

1. Oval - If the shape of your face is oval, then you can pretty much get away with anything! You will look great in short, medium or long hair, and either an up-do or wearing your hair down will look great!

2. Round - If your face is as wide as it is long, you'll want to make it appear longer and thinner. You can achieve this by wearing your hair down in a multitude of layers, or with fullness and height at the crown. You can also part your hair off center to achieve this.

3. Rectangular or Oblong- If you have a long chin or high forehead, you'll want to balance out the length of your face. An up-do with soft, wispy bangs will do the trick. You should avoid long hair as it will make your face seem longer.

Wedding Themes :

1. Midsummer Wedding - If you're planning your wedding outdoors around midsummer, a beautiful time for weddings, you may want to opt for an up-do. While you're saying your 'I do's,' you want to be blinded by love, not the hair that the wind is blowing into your eyes! Dainty beautiful flowers fastened into your hair would be gorgeous.

2. Victorian Wedding - Elegant antique lace napkins, detailed tea cups and saucers and scroll-type place settings combine to make a beautiful wedding. You should choose to go with a traditional Victorian up-do, high at the crown of the head with no bangs. Another great idea is to do a partial up-do in a sophisticated knot with the rest of your hair hanging down in ringlets.

3. Hawaiin Wedding - Assuming you're having your wedding outside, a good idea is to have your hair swept to one side and fastened well, and placing an exotic flower on the opposite side.Your wedding hairstyle will be entirely up to you, but this is a good guide to follow to help make your perfect day even more memorable.

Mens Hair Styles

When men talk about style they generally only get into the aspects of shoes and clothes. They usually do not take into consideration that there are also different hair styles that are for them as well as women. Men are not aware that with a simple change in their hair cut can make the world of difference. Many people get a boost in their ego and self esteem when they have a new hair style. You will notice a difference in ones attitude when they have a new look.

Today men go with many different looks ranging from short classy looks to long shoulder length relaxed looks. You can go sophisticated or care free the choice it yours and with a bit of styling gel you can even go for an active style that is both young and hip. For the guy who likes to have medium length hair then you may want to go with the latest craze of having messy hair. This look is very simple to achieve and gives you that sexy look as if you just a woman run her fingers through your mane. The best way to get this look it to not run a comb or brush through your hair when you get out of the shower, simply just put some gel in and run your fingers through it.

If you do have longer hair you want to make sure that you keep it away from your face as you will tend to keep pushing it back, giving your hair a greasy look. This is not a good choice for those in professions such as law or medicine as it can get in the way and not let you look as professional as you like. If this is a style that you prefer then you may want to try out different looks where you can pull it back, neatly, giving you a clean fresh look while still letting you keep the long locks.

No matter what your hair style choice is, there are many styles to choose from so don’t worry about whether you like long or short, there is more then one style for you. Good places to look to find great styles that are hip and trendy are the celebrity magazines. The celebrities always have what is fashionable now and they often try many looks out with each style. This would give you a great way to see what you want before having to actually cut your hair or change your look.

There are also many programs that will allow you to upload a picture of yourself and then “try” hair styles out to see what you would look like. Then you don’t have to worry about having a bad hair cut as you will know ahead of time if it is the right look for you. Hair cutting places most always have different books and posters with the latest trends and fashions to help you make your choice and they would love to offer their advice. Remember if you don’t look good then they wont look good so they will give their best advice to make sure that you both get what you want.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Black Hairstyle

If you are a black woman, you've probably spent a lot of time finding a hairstyle that suits you. Depending on where you live, you might not have much exposure to styles that really suit you, or maybe you're just ready for a change. There are lots of styles that work especially well for black women; the problem is just finding them!

Many black women relax and then perm their hair to give it a softer, smoother texture, but the thing to remember about this look is that your hair can become quite damaged in the process. When you add bleaching on top of this, this can strip your hair quite badly. Experts recommend that if you decide to take this route, you should not do it all at once; if you can take a few days between relaxing your hair and perming it, you can keep it a bit healthier in general. If your hair has been relaxed, consider getting loose, flowing curls. This can create a soft, sweet look and goes well in a variety of different settings.

If you are interested in coloring your hair, don't just go with something you saw that looked good on someone else! Your skin tone is uniquely your own, so make sure you've considered the color you want your hair next to it. While various shades of honey blond are common, you might also want to consider various reds. Everything from a dusky, nearly pink to a vibrant crimson is possible, so don't limit yourself just by what you see around you. Remember that dye jobs will require a bit of regular maintenance, but that you can always dye it back to black as well.

If you have a particularly angular face shape, you might want to consider a style that will soften it. Keeping your hair in long braids,whether natural or with hair extensions will give you a fuller-face shape. When you keep your hair in this style, it is fairly easy to maintain after the initial set up and there are a variety of styles that you can play with afterwards. Some places have terrific deals on doing things like intricate braids and cornrows and this can give you a wonderfully unique look.

If you're looking for a clean-cut professional look, consider a close crop or bob. You can't beat this style in terms of easy hair care daily styling, but remember that if you keep your hair short, you will want to have it cut regularly to maintain that razor-sharp appearance. This is a wonderful look for the woman who is on the go and doesn't have half an hour to worry about her hair in the morning.

Whether you are embarking on a major life change and want something to commemorate that, or you just want to spice up your old style, remember that your hair is your own! You should do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and whatever will make you feel like the beautiful woman you are.

Long Hairstyles

There are many different long hairstyles for those with long hair, whether it is crimpy, curly, or stick straight. Having long hair is great, because it is very versatile and can be styled into many different ways. All different hair colors look great when they are long, because they can be formed into specific hairstyles that will complement the color. No matter what type of hair you have, you can style your long hair into many beautiful looks.

Those with long curly hair have many different options when it comes to styling their hair. While being curly is great, long hair looks great when it is straight, and this can be done with a hot iron. If you have extremely curly or frizzy hair, you may want to consider using a straightening serum or spray to reduce the look of fuzz. Another great way to wear curly hair is down, since the curls give it great body and bounce. If you have curly hair and long bangs, you can tease your bangs and clip them back with cute barrettes. This will add great body to your bangs, and make your face stand out more. Some summer looks for curly hair include big ringlets, pulled up, and even half up half down looks. Because natural curls add body to the hair, there is no need to do excessive styling on long curly hair.

Straight hair is just as great as curly hair, because it can be formed into almost anything. Straight hair works great for ponytails, long braids, or even the simple straight down look. Those with straight hair can easily transform into curls or crimps with a little heat, but looks great for the summer with the stick straight look. Long hair works great for when you put your hair up, because it is very transformable and able to be tied back easily. Some straight hair may require a great amount of hair products to keep it in place, but looks great almost any way.

Both straight and curly long hair looks offer many different hairstyle opportunities. Wearing the hair down is a simple yet sophisticated look, while a nice bun would look great for an office atmosphere. Beautiful prom looks can be achieved for those with long hair, as well as those hitting the club on Friday night. Having long hair gives you the chance to style in almost any way you can think of, making it possible to look your best every day of the week. You can go straight or curly, up or down. You can put it all up or choose to leave some down. No matter what you choose to do with your long hair, you can make a look work for almost any situation you can think of.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Layered Hair Styles

Layered hair styles tend to work with most hair textures, lengths, and can add simple style to otherwise unflattering hair. They are not gender specific and are fairly easy to manage. Any low maintenance hair style is always a bonus. While long straight hair is the easiest to bring to life with a layered hair style, even “big” hair or curly hair can benefit, often being trimmed down to a more manageable size once it has been layered.

Men with layered hair styles often find that they simple wash, towel dry, comb, and go. Women with layered hair style often find that they have to spend less time on their hair overall, some with the same convenience factors for men.

Fortunately, most layered hair styles can be around for many years, and it’s not dependent of fads or the “in” thing to do. A good hair style that works with a person’s facial features and personality is one worth keeping and it is always frustration when a fad that worked well has gone by the wayside. A good simple layering can often last for as long as the owner of the hair is inclined to keep it.

Layered hair styles tend to add volume to flat hair, reduce volume in wild hair, and add a bit of texturing. There’s no need to go to extremes, just simply a few layers to add the intention of the style and a trim every six to eight weeks to keep it from getting shaggy. Growing out a layered hair style is not all that difficult either, although for significant layering, a few trips to the scissors may be required simply to even things up from time to time.

Layers can either soften the appearance of the hair or they can actually add a lagged rough edge for a more edgy appearance. Which direction you choose to go is really dependent on the variations within your face, hair, the color and texture of your hair, and your personality. Sometimes, the perfect layered look on your best friend is going to look ridiculous on you, or vice versa. So rather than set your heart on one perfect style, gather a few general ideas and take them to your trusted stylist. Don’t have a trusted stylist? Then either ask around (your best friend with the great layers is probably a good resource) or bring a second pair of eyes with you that you know will tell you straight whether the plan in motion is working or not. It’s usually not recommended to go too drastic unless you have a previous relationship with a hair stylist.

Communication is the key to receiving an excellent layered hair style when visiting the stylist. Photos and a genuine conversation, as well as being open to his or her opinion, is the starting point to finding an awesome layered look. Simply looking around at the layered hair styles which catch your attention should give you an idea of what you’re thinking for yourself, but never argue too heavily with a professional stylist. The process of coming up with an awesome layered hair style that works for you requires input from each of you and a solid understanding before the first snip of hair hits the floor.